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InSomnia demo for Mac is out

Hello everyone! Last week we have unleashed InSomnia demo upon mankind, and now we want to share some more good news with you in our recent Kickstarter update.


InSomnia demo is released!

Hello everyone! During next few hours you all should receive emails with InSomnia demo download links. So while Kickstarter mail servers are doing their incredible job we will discuss yet a few more details in our all new update.


Demo release date and further plans

Hello everyone! Probably all of you have already seen our first videos of InSomnia powered with Unreal Engine 4 which were shot last weekend during our latest play-test of the demo.

Since then we’ve been working hard to fix and improve every aspect of this first portion of the game so you would have even greater experience while playing it.

This Kickstarter update will point out a few important things associated with the demo release which we want you to know.