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Philosophy behind the inventory & demo news

Hello everyone! During our latest activity on Kickstarter we have already showed you screenshots of different variations of InSomnia inventory system and items. This update will give you more details on this matter along with the philosophy that inspired us along the way. And yes you can expect some demo news today as well! Head over to Kickstarter to know more.


Camping, shelter & transportation system

Hello everyone! Previously we have already mentioned an in-game mechanic known as “build a camp”. Today we will go into additional details by telling you more about this and other related elements. Visit our Kickstarter page to find out more.


Combat system elements

Hello everyone! We’ve already talked about inventory and role playing system details, so today we will take a sneak peek at yet another important aspect of InSomnia – combat system. Head over to our official Kickstarter page for details.