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Inventory, items repair and crafting system

Hello everyone! Today we give you Kickstarter update #33 which is all about inventory, items properties, and all possible interactions with them. So here we go.


The Children of Morach clan story and new screenshots

Hello everyone! Previously we have told you about The Bea Kera Society, one of the criminal gangs of InSomnia world, and today we would like to tell you the story of yet another faction – The Children of Morach clan. Click here for full text featured in our Kicstarter update #32.


New InSomnia screenshots and demo news

Hello everyone! Last time we’ve already shown you some examples of how renewed user interface might look like. We were delighted to know that most of our backers who left comments prefer the same variations as we do. To keep you updated on our progress we are happy to show you four brand new InSomnia screenshots in our latest Kickstarter update.