InSomnia RPG is a severe, ascetic world inhabited by the descendants of a once great nation that has left its planet when it was agonizing in the flames of war. The action takes place on a colossal, half-abandoned space station that has spent the last four hundred years travelling through the void towards the mysterious Evacuation Point. The long years spent in the stern conditions have defined the character of the society built by the exiles among the rusty iron barrens. The station’s dwellers live according to the strict laws and obey the implacable Doctrine of Order, the aim of which is to maintain the unity of the Nomah Nation till the moment when the settlers would set foot on an inhabitable planet and start their history anew.
Developed by indie studio MONO

The MONO studio has emerged in 2010 in the city of Samara, Russia. It all began with an idea to create a complex, multi-layer RPG set in a unique world and featuring unique game mechanics. Step by step, the idea crystallized in what is now known as the InSomnia RPG project; a team was gradually built of people inspired with this ambitious idea and striving to put their professionalism into creating an uncommon high-quality RPG.

By 2013, the backbone of the collective has been formed, and everyone agreed to dedicate as much time as possible to working on the InSomnia RPG project. Preparations began for a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. In addition to creating financial support for the project, the campaign made it clear that the concept of InSomnia RPG was indeed interesting for the gaming community.

The fundraising campaign was completed successfully in Summer 2014. At this point in time, the project’s development is paid from the money donated by the gaming community and from the developers’ own resources.

A large-scale project like this being implemented by an independent studio is a complicated and captivating task, and we still have much work to do. But we are sure that our efforts, combined with the support that we receive from the gaming community, will lead to worthy results.